• Professional Disc Jockey since 1994
  • Husband and father of 3 girls
  • Always respectful
  • Attended Specs Howard
  • Large music selection and stays very current
  • Accommodating to his clients

Our DJs: Matt Fox

We have been proud and privileged to have Matt on our staff since 1995! He is not overbearing but enthusiastic and has a way of making his clients and their guests feel immediately comfortable. Matt is known as "the nicest guy" and represents his clients with style and elegance.


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Comments From Matt's Past Clients

"When you first call Night and Day productions be ready for a long chat. This company wants to make sure you get the perfect DJ for your wedding. I think I spent over 30 minutes talking to Natalie, who wanted to know everything about my wife and I before trying to match us up with the perfect DJ. Matt Fox was who she matched us up with and she was right! He matched our personalities and went above and beyond making our wedding night a success. Throughout the whole night he would check on us to make sure we were doing alright. He even offered to get us drinks if we needed any. He is amazing! And if you are worried about any technical difficulties happening; that's not gonna happen with Matt Fox. He's got backups on top of backups on top of backups to make sure nothing at all goes wrong. Best DJ you could ask for. And he truly cares about the people he works for. He will not disappoint!"
- Matt Cipolla

"Matt made the night perfect. He did everything we asked him to and then some. Even when our music selection changed at the end of the night to accommodate our drunken dance requests. Everything was just perfect, that is the best way to sum it up. Perfection. Matt also has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met."
- Chrissy Bucrek

"I found Night and Day on Google and decided to give them a call to request DJ services for my wedding on July sixth 2013; it was the best decision I probably made during my entire planning! No, I am not exaggerating! I talked to Natalie for a good hour, she was so helpful and so kind; I felt like I could trust her. She immediately suggested Matt Fox as DJ after hearing a little more about my plans...Me and my fiance at the time got to meet with him a couple of weeks before the big day to talk about the music, guests, and all other details. I was a bit nervous. However, as soon as we saw Matt he seemed very nice, energetic, and he really seemed to care about us and our wedding! We absolutely loved him! A day before our wedding we had a little rehearsal at the location and found out that since we had instruments for the ceremony we had no microphones or speakers outside and our officiate was very soft spoken. The first person I thought of was Matt. We called him and explained what happened, and he was more than willing to help! He said he would show up earlier than scheduled to set up outside, and not to worry about a thing. The day of, he did exactly what he said he would, and he did it wonderfully. He was the first to offer me and Alex anything to drink, and never stopped smiling! He is organized, nice, energetic, friendly, and does exactly what you want, to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your time! We're so happy we found you! Thanks Natalie and thanks Matt, you truly did make a difference for us, we couldn't have asked for more! You went above and beyond our expectations!"
- The new Mr. and Mrs. Tomazela

Best DJ and people to work with! Natalie was awesome! She was so fun to talk to and was willing to work with you and spend however much time it took to make sure you were happy! Matt was an amazing DJ! He was professional but a TON of fun! He made sure we were always happy and was just such a pleasure to work with. I will recommend this company and Matt to anyone I can! People who were at my wedding are still raving about the DJ! Thanks again for making my wedding so special!"
- Lesley Bates

"We had such a wonderful experience with Night and Day Productions! Right from the start Natalie was so warm and friendly, completely professional and definitely took the time to answer all of my questions and always got back to me quickly! Matt Fox was our DJ and I cannot say enough good things about him. So many people complimented us on our DJ and music at our wedding. Not only did Matt play our music requests, he used great timing with all the songs to keep the party going and get everybody on the dance floor! He also made a point throughout the night to see if we needed anything, and we really appreciated it! I would definitely recommend Night and Day productions and our DJ Matt Fox!"
- Kelly Renirie

"First off, I was going for a cheap and affordable wedding during my planning process. When it came to the DJ I had a few connections, as my uncle and cousin are photographers. I was recommended Night And Day and I checked them out. I can't say enough good things about them. Matt Fox was the DJ my husband and I picked. He did such a great job and I was very impressed. He knew a lot and obviously loves his job. We all clicked, which was very important. During the reception he made sure I was comfortable and even got my ring bear a Pepsi! =) He went above and beyond what he was suppose to do. I also had the option of going with a friend of friend which was going to be almost 50% cheaper then Night and Day, but let me tell you. I AM GLAD I DIDN"T! You definetly pay for what you get when it comes to a DJ. Two things you don't want to skimp on is the DJ and photographer!!! Go with Night and Day and you won't regret it. You can always go with a cheap DJ, but remember, they make your party. If they're lame your party will be lame and people will leave early. With Matt people were on the dance floor ALL night long, there wasn't one second there wasn't someone on the floor!"
- Jessica Crooks

"Matt did a great job! He was very confident in 'running the show' which was really nice because we did not have to 'worry' or 'check up' on him. I would definitely recommend him. We had one heck of a party!!!"
- Julie McGill

"Matt, thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day. You were an outstanding DJ and went above and beyond of what we expected. Thank you for making our wedding day run perfectly! We could not be happier with all of your help!"
- Jaclyn and Josh Butz

"Matt Fox was the absolute best! From our first meeting through the clean-up after the wedding, Matt was always there to help us and kept reiterating to lean on him as much as possible. I was thrilled to have Matt checking on us and keeping everything moving through the night. The music was great and we couldn't have asked for anything more. I will be recommending you and your team to all of the couples I know who are about to go through the planning process."
- Tiffany and Matt Winowski

"I wanted to write to you in order to officially provide feedback on Matt Fox. For our wedding we hired many professionals (photographer, DJ etc) and each of them came with their own quirks. One may have been slightly rude, one was overly hyper, another was hard to understand and so on. When we look back at our reception we can see that Matt stands out above the rest as simply the most professional, useful and nicest person that we worked with. He was extremely accommodating to our requests, did exactly as he said he would do and provided excellent entertainment for the evening. I have had compliments from many people on his performance including some older folks who were very pleased with the balance of music. The dance floor was occupied all night and he was the reason the party was so much fun. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for a DJ as I can not say enough good things about him thanks again!"
- Alex and Nicole

Matt was amazing! Everyone loved him. I couldn't imagine not having Matt at our wedding. I can guarantee anyone that was at our wedding, will be wanting him at theirs."
— Tiffany Sorys

"I used Night and Day Productions for my wedding on October 8, 2011. Natalie was awesome and really took the time to talk with me about my wants, needs, and budget. I chose Matt and am very happy that I did. He was amazing!! He kept the ceremony going and the people dancing all night long. He is very friendly and professional....and cares a lot about keeping his clients happy. I had so many people tell me how great he was! I have no regrets and would certainly use them again."
- Melissa Ringlein

"Matt, thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day. You were an outstanding DJ and went above and beyond of what we expected. Thank you for making our wedding day run perfectly! We could not be happier with all of your help!
- Jaclyn and Josh Butz

"I don't even know where to begin...Matt was amazing! My dance floor was filled the entire night! There were no glitches that I saw or noticed and he was so professional (I wouldn't expect anything less otherwise). There were so many parts of the day that did not turn out the way that I had discussed with others vendors, but Matt's performance made up for what they lacked. I have about 5 friends getting married in the next couple years and I have already spread the name of your company and Matt's name. I can honestly say that you are one of 2 companies that I worked with that I would even consider giving a card out. You made booking and paying so easy. You called and talked to me about what I wanted and what would be good for Me. Customer service was huge for me and you absolutely knocked it out of the park. My father-in-law who hates rap was dancing to "get low" with me because he heard all the songs that he wanted. My fiancé who is not a dancer was cutting a rug. My grandfather loved the polka. If you ever need a reference or a anything from me on behalf of Matt or the company I would be more than happy to."
- Fallon Dunaway

"Our DJ Matt was so great! I had several people come up to me that night saying how Matt was the best DJ. He made my wedding day perfect. Thank you!"
- Jamie

Matt was awesome! Our dance floor was filled the entire night. He played all of our requests. He checked in with me throughout the night to make sure we were happy. Any bride would be crazy not to chose Matt!"
— Jace and Fallon

"Our company held a Holiday Party at the Marriott. We were lucky enough to work with Night and Day productions for our entertainment. Thankfully, they sent Matt Fox to our party to D.J. I can not say enough good things about him (or Natalie at Night and Day). From the first conversation I knew we were in good hands. Everything went very smoothly and Matt was excellent at getting the crowd comfortable, motivated and happy. He played music that had everyone moving. Enough slow songs to keep the ladies who wanted to dance with their men happy, as well as enough fast songs to keep all the people who wanted to shake what their mamma's gave them, happy! Needless to say, the night was a blast and I feel that Matt deserves a lot of the credit for that. He could have either ruined the evening by not keeping the proper mood or he could have made the party a success, which I feel he did. He is professional, kind and cooperative. I highly recommend Matt for any function as he honestly knows how to properly do what a D.J. should. It was nice not to have to worry if he would be over bearing or even perhaps start making it all about himself as I have seen D.J.'s do in the past. Matt was a huge success and it is because of him that our party was also. Thank you to Night and Day and thank you to Matt for making our Holiday party a fun filled night of dancing which was enjoyed by all."
- Tammy Ferrante

"Matt made our day unforgettable. We assumed our crowd would be a quiet gathering to meet and mingle. Matt prepared for that. To our surprise the crowd got up and danced quite a bit more than expected. Matt stepped up and adapted to the evening."
- Brian Shea