When people are shopping for a disc jockey, it is very common that the first question they ask is about price. We understand that planning a party of any kind is very expensive and time consuming. We also understand that you need to compare prices in order to get an idea for your budget.

Generally speaking, professional disc jockeys in Metro-Detroit charge between $800 and $2500 for Wedding Receptions, and often less for other types of private parties. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are the most expensive, starting at $900 and some companies go as high as $10,000, but of course there is a lot more than just a DJ for that price. In wedding terms, anything less that $700 is not considered professional and will be sub-standard in some way.

Before you set your budget, we feel it is very important to caution you about the risks of selecting a disc jockey based solely on price. Please, keep in mind that we are talking about entertainment. In all fields of entertainment, the more talented people simply cost more. (Example: If Pauly Shore was the lead actor in the movie Castaway instead of Tom Hanks, would the movie have been so popular? Nothing against Pauly, but he is no Tom Hanks.)

So, getting a "bargain" on a disc jockey would make sense if all DJs were equal, but this is not even close to the truth. What makes a truly great disc jockey? You do. We feel that the best and most talented disc jockeys, are the ones that can do exactly what you want at your party. We work so hard to make sure you get what you want that we have not needed to advertise since 1996.

Although you may find us a little more expensive than the average disc jockey (in some cases), no one has ever regretted paying more for our service. There is no charge to meet with us and find out for yourself how we are different. Also, if for any reason you wish to continue shopping we will put together a list of other reputable companies to meet with. Please call or fill out our contact form to discuss your special event, thank you!