Frequently Asked Questions

Other than our Internet marketing, Night And Day Productions operates strictly on referrals. All of our income goes towards providing a top quality service and we depend on the highest level of customer satisfaction. We promise a noticeable difference between our custom service and the commercialized cookie-cutter companies.

I apologize in advance if any of this Q&A comes across as cocky or arrogant. We are actually very humble and at the same time, very passionate about what we do.

Q. What is a "Cookie Cutter" disc jockey?

Just about any disc jockey can have a "Cookie Cutter" show. Many DJs find their comfort zone and fall into a pattern of playing the same music and saying the exact same things no matter how different the event is. Also, there are some large companies making lots of money based on the philosophy that there are huge financial benefits to duplication. ALL of their DJs use the same equipment, play the same music, say the exact same things, etc. They sell the idea that no matter who you get you will be happy because they are all the same.

If this is what you are looking for then a "Cookie Cutter" DJ company will do a fine job for you. If you want something special and unique, then please contact us. We have very high standards and consistently deliver excellent performances. However, we do not force our disc jockeys to be robots and do the exact same thing at every event. In fact, we train our people on how to be spontaneous and adapt to any situation depending on what our clients wishes are.

Again, if you want the identical performance that 699 other couples will have at their wedding, that big company is a good choice. We are not concerned about the people who are willing to accept a standardize routine. It is the people who truly want something different that we hope will find us. It should be obvious, you cannot standardize everything AND customize an event. The choice should be yours, please know the difference.

Q. Can I DJ my own Wedding?

Sure, grab an iPod and your home stereo, save yourself a ton of money. Here is an online article one of our clients emailed us, as a joke.

If you are seriously considering this option, I am not sure if there is anything I can say that will change your mind. The problem is, all of the stereotypes about cheesy DJs are absolutely true. Many DJs play the same lame wedding songs at every party. Most DJs have a cheesy microphone voice and most think that the party is all about them; they feed their ego by controlling the dance floor.

We are nothing like most DJs, but unless you give us a chance you will never know that for yourself. It does not cost a thing to come out and meet with us, but it will probably save you the embarrassment of a bad decision. Again, I do not mean to sound arrogant. My wife and I have devoted our lives to making other peoples dreams come true. If something you read here keeps you from making a terrible mistake, then even at the risk of loosing your business, I am glad that I wrote it.

Q. Why should I choose Night And Day, what sets you apart?

On paper, many disc jockeys look alike. In fact, we have been copied by so many DJs, even some of the newest DJ companies seem to look like us. The main reason people choose Night And Day Productions over other companies is what you do not see on paper. We are specialists at creating unique memories and put in more time helping you plan the special events. These are features that you will not truly appreciate until the day of your event so sadly, it can be difficult to see just how much better we are than the average DJ.

Q. Why do some disc jockeys cost so much more than others?

The disc jockey industry is absolutely flooded and cut-throat for the most part. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can buy DJ equipment, a music collection and begin selling themselves as a professional. This means that the supply is greater than the demand, which has driven down rates to the point that disc jockeys have been under-priced for many years. Yet a handful of serious professionals are able to charge a rate based on their actual value.

Also, running a serious operation requires more expensive measures of security for our clients. We have special features such as on-site back-up equipment and music, back up personnel, emergency services, and we are fully-insured. The average DJ may cost a little less, but can not guarantee he will be able to service your event.

Please remember, it is very easy for a less expensive DJ to "CLAIM" they can do everything we do. We have become so highly recommended because we deliver on our promises.

Q. How can I tell a the difference between a professional and a hobby disc jockey?

Disc jockeys are not judged by their differences, but by their similarities and many people do not appreciate the differences until the party is over.Things that do not seem important when you are setting your budget, will become suddenly important when your party is ruined.

Do not sell yourself short, you deserve the security of a professional. The entertainment is already one of the least expensive services you will book for your event. Spend a professional rate and have the comfort of knowing you have hired someone reliable.

Q. How experienced are Night And Day disc jockeys?

The majority of our DJ's have been entertaining parties for 13 to 20 years. We clearly state each disc jockeys experience on their individual profile page located on the "Our DJs" section of our website.

Q. Do all of your disc jockeys do the same show?

To us, every event special and unique. The music selection, level of interaction, special events and announcements are all worked out with the client ahead of time. Please feel free to customize your event with us as much as you wish and your party will be everything you are hoping for. To ensure you get exactly what you want, our clients have the opportunity to meet with their DJ a couple weeks before the event. We feel this is the main reason we have become so popular, the final consultation can really be a blessing.

Q. Can I see the disc jockey on video?

Yes, we prefer that you join us in our office for a complete consultation to view the videos. At that time, we will watch videos of the available disc jockeys and answer questions about each individual. Although in recent years, we have found that most couples love the convenience of watching our videos on line at home when they have a few minutes to sit down together. This is why our videos are now available on our website. Our out of state couples love this new feature!

Q. Can we meet with the disc jockey?

Absolutely. Once you have selected one of our disc jockeys you are given a planning packet that should be returned a month before the party. We will call you around that time to confirm certain details and will give you the DJ's direct phone number. You are welcome to meet with them here in our office or make other arrangements. Many couples simply go over details on the phone, but we prefer that you meet with the DJ face-to-face for a final consultation.

Q. Can we meet with the disc jockey before we book?

We do not currently offer this service, mainly because we do not need to. Also, because it adds a lot of complication to a normally simple process. When couples join us in the office and complete a full consultation, they know immediately if we are the right company for them. If you still have your doubts after meeting with us, we will completely respect your need to continue shopping.

Q. Can we see the DJs live?

We do not feel that it is our place to invite strangers to your event. Also, people did this years ago, but there are much better ways to get to know your entertainers today. Give our methods a chance before you start crashing parties. You may find that you can see even more of the things that are important to you, without violating someone's privacy.

Q. Can we bring our own CD's?

Yes, you can bring in music but only as a last resort. We are happy to purchase music for you and even transfer music to CD if you own something rare or out-of-print. If you want to provide music that is burnt onto CD, we prefer that you allow us to make a DJ copy with our professional equipment. Professional CD players are more picky than home stereo units and our professional mastering equipment will guarantee that your music will play on our sound systems.

Q. Can we pick all of the music for our party?

Yes. If it is your wish, we will play an exact play list in the exact order you choose... ...but, we do not necessarily recommend it.

If you are as enthusiastic about music as we are, we understand that you may want more influence over the music than normal. That is just great with us, we enjoy the challenge. In fact, we consider ourselves to be the best in the industry with regards to music.

However, please understand that there are advantages to being flexible with the music. The art of "Reading the Crowd" is the reason most people choose a disc jockey. Even if you knew exactly what songs to play for your party, the order that they are played in is far more important than you can imagine. This is one of the main skills that our experienced disc jockeys have over the competition.

For the most part, we welcome unique and specialized situations and look forward to providing you with the right mix of music. Just the same, as professionals we must caution you about the potential pitfalls of taking too much control over your event. The rule of thumb is simply: "The more control the client has over the music, the less we can be held accountable for the results".

Q. Can we provide our own MC?

We can arrange to work with another MC but we would still need to be the primary MCs for the night. In terms of production, it is best to have one person responsible for all the events and announcements. Otherwise, there isn't any flow of events and everything come across choppy.

If you do not like or trust any of our MCs, than I suppose it would be best if you just chose another company. We want you to be happy on your special day so we will work with any special requirements you have. At the same time, there is just too much risk of embarrassment in having another MC running the show for us. What I mean is that if anything goes wrong, our fault or no, we look bad. It is not worth any amount of money for us to look bad at your wedding or special event.

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